Topic: IL problema del bilanciamento...

Ho trovato queste parole in internet, riguardo al bilanciamento di un gioco. Le condivido pienamente perchè voi players vi comportate esattamente così! wink

"Players could be annoying. Even if it is a totally free game, they will find reasons to complain.

What's worse is people will often complain about contradictory things. The fighters will not like the fact that it's too hard to gain levels, while the merchants will be very disappointed that the fighters make too much money from loots. If you decrease the monster drops, some people will threaten to quit the game. If you increase it, the same people will not like the fact that now even beginners can make money easily. Letting it as is, isn't good either.

There has to be some innovation and improvements. If you decide to change something, for instance adding some new challenges to those who manufacture items, some will say it's too hard. If you don't, they will say it's too easy or plain boring.

You might notice that the content players will usually not say anything and be satisfied, while the disrupting people will complain the most."