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iotaka wrote:

this is a test smile

how to log in to the game after you make a character??


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Where exactly are you stuck?

Just after the first login, you'll see 4 empty slots for character creation. Select a slot and press "New"


Then create your character by choosing features. Be sure to select a faction, gender, voice, portrait and background. Finally give it a name. When all is set, press the "Create" button.


Hopefully, your character will now appear in the character list. Double-click it, or press the "Join" button to access the game lobby.


This is the lobby. You can finally start (or join) a match by clicking on the popups. Starting with the tutorial ("Pillar of Fathers") is a good idea! smile
Then you may want to move on, and gain some credits by playing Co-op matches which --despite their name-- can be played alone, but they can be quite challenging for a new player! So inviting a friend is
Blaze is a multiplayer game after all! cool


Hope this helps, see you in game! wink