Topic: update 0.94.1

+ 8 new avatars
+ CTF, the ally that caught  the enemy flag is marked with a special radar arrow
+ CTF, the enemy flag falling to ground is marked with a special radar arrow
+ when a mech throws an item (module, weapon, flag, mine, ...), it inherits the speed of the thrower
- Aracno Easy the killed spider Kings do not spawn a tabort
! allied friendly fire of turrets is decreased by 50% of the normal damaged done to enemies
! new defalut key to throw the flag is [R] (not more SHIFT+R)
! the thrown flags are now thrown more distant
! the invisibility time given to the allies through the Fold (Cloak) has increased by 20%
! the charging time to activate the Fold has decreased by 10%
! the time a missile takes to lock a enemy after the shot has increased by 10%
! the missile maneuverability has increased by 50% when they are manually controlled with the Probe Laser
* fixed a bug related to Booster Module (enabling / disabling) that slowed down the fire rate
* fixed a bug  that slowed down the fire rate while changing weapon (more the players in the match, the more this bug was visible)