Topic: release 0.96.0

+ new map tutorial for Darkstar Scythe called "Pillar of Fathers"
+ new sounds for Spider Drones
+ new in-game tutorial lessons
+ new 3D Tabort model
+ new effect: volumetric fog, currently used in Massive Sides and Pillar of Fathers (DS)
+ graphical remake of Tower of Doom (Aracno)
+ graphical remake of Tower of Doom (Invasion)
+ graphical remake of Massive Sides (Aracno)
+ graphical remake of Massive Sides (Capture the Flag)
+ graphical remake of Bloodmoon Night
+ improved lighting on dynamic models (ambient occlusion)
! Disc Launcher damage increased by 5%; fire rate decreased by 5%
! the Spiders and the Spider Drones are more resistant to spiders' web damage by 50% (before was 25%)


Re: release 0.96.0

* fixed an issue with ammo pack
* fixed a possible crash


Re: release 0.96.0

+ in the list of rewards at the match end the eventual bonus "Mass Extinction" is now present
+ players will be warned towards the end of the game if the rewards have been reduced because of the low difficulty for the gained level

! the energy regeneration has been now disabled while sliding with the Boost Module
! one of the three Deuxite Pod has been removed in Massive Sides (CTF)
! by completing the tutorial the player will receive full rewards, even a high rank has been reached
! increased the passive damage absorption of the Shield Module from 5% to 10%
! decreased by 20% the Solar Cannon ammo regeneration of the Loadout Zone

* fixed the duplication of Deuxite crystals issued by collecting ammo packs
* the player's name can be now correctly saved also if it contains spaces
* fixed the bug related to the reward "Tutorial finished" obtained with maps different from the tutorial


Re: release 0.96.0

+ added 2 new awards (Most Assists e Most Drain-Assists)
+ the XP reward for killing and destroying is now split between the killer and one or more supporters. The assist is earned by damaging an enemy, but having a teammate finish them off. The damage must be a significant portion of the enemies total health.


Re: release 0.96.0

Here comes an unexpected surprise! big_smile Get ready for the "Lock-ON Update"


I've secretly worked on this update for a week, after some brainstorming with 3||3T icon_cool about the effectiveness of the Missile Launcher. We wanted to make it more strategic and fun, while discouraging dumb fire spammers.

The Missile Launcher will now automatically lock-on and acquire targets! However, the soldier must maintain line-of-sight with the target for a few seconds. Beware that, when fired without a proper lock, it flies in dumb mode and it's easy to dodge.

We plan to release the update very soon, maybe tomorrow.

Stay tuned! wink