Topic: release 0.97


+ graphical remake of Dangerous Crossing (Capture the Flag)
+ 4 new avatars
+ in the Vanity section 2 new helmets are available: "X-281 Cyclor" and "Pledge of The Valiant"
+ The Character window in the lobby now automatically save  every change users apply. In order to save some changes during a match just click the save button as usual.
+ the Autoturret’s top priority is now to destroy enemy’s missiles
+ an interference between buildable forcefields and the flag stand has been added, in order to avoid high density fortification around the flag
+ it is now possible to abort the launch of a Solar Cannon by holding down the fire button until the end point
+ avatars tilt their heads and nod when they look around and with some sentences of the quick chat 
+ new graphical effects have been added on the objects affected by the energy wave bast (Energy Module in secondary mode)
+ 2 new in-game tutorial lessons: how to throw a grenade and how to place a mine
+ new graphical effects for shielded spiders
+ the Missile Launcher automatically acquire the targets (lock). To lock a target, a small amount of time  and a free line of sight of the objective are required
+ the locked missiles are more effective and they can auto explode in proximity of a target which cannot be directly reached
+ the sight of the Missile Launcher becomes darker when energy to shoot is not enough
+ it is now possible to restore a Vanity feature (voice, portrait, helmet) previously unlocked paying only one tenth of the original price

! XP gained with the Repair Module reduced by 5%
! XP gained with the Energy Module reduced by 5%
! XP gained with the Shield Module (protecting allies) increased by 25%
! XP gained with the Cloak Module increased by 50%
! XP gained with the Boost Module  increased by 40%
! the turning speed of unlocked missiles has been greatly reduced
! the armor of Missile Turrets has been increased by 8%
! the damage caused by missiles has been increased by 7%
! Freezing caused by the usage of the Fold (Cloak secondary) now depends on the time spent in Fold. If a Fold is very short there is no freeze penalty, still remain the energy penalty.
! Interferences between buildable forcefields has been slightly increased. Is now requires an increased build distance.
! reduced the reward at the end of Aracno Medium for players whose Rank is higher than 39

* fixed a bug that sometimes caused the explosion of allied missiles when fired inside a shield projector.
* fixed a bug that sometimes caused the presence of undestroyable forcefields without field generators.
* fixed a bug that sometimes caused the flickering or the total disappearance of particle effects


Re: release 0.97

+ added a new button in the login window "Register", it leads users to the registration web page.

+ integration with the "Desura Connect" service.
+ new creature in Aracnophobia matches, the Gnarling Swarm!
! Spider and Taborts spawn rates in Aracnophobia matches.
* collision issues between the Missile Launcher and the Shield Projectors.

0.97.3 aka 093C
+  new creature in Aracnophobia matches, the Biters (green spiders). They are faster than the regulars ones. The Biters are able to perform melee attacks only
+ improved graphical effects on spiders death
! now the out of ammo weapons are not automatically dropped
! team forcefield behaviour changed, now when a door is opened the enemies can pass through