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Topic: No players

I found the game on IndieDB and I decided to play it, so I got a beta key on desura and downloaded the game. I really like the game , but there is no one to play with. I understand that this is a beta game with around 150 players , but the makers should advertise more. I think that this game is really awesome , becouse it has RPG elements (skill points) and a really good FPS style game. Keep up with the good work! If there is anything i can do (I´ve already asked my friends to play big_smile ) pls comment below.
Thanks for reading wink

Ps: In what programming language is the game written? (I ´m just starter in programming and I´m amazed with this game )


Re: No players

Welcome BankiM and thank you for your comments!
We're really happy that you enjoyed the game, we have put a lot of effort trying to develop a unique and funny multiplayer experience.

As you've noticed, there are few active players and unfortunately this is a problem that plagues most of the multiplayer-only indie games.
But there is good news: Blaze supports a cooperative mode that is really funny even with small groups of players, ideally 2-5. So, if you spread the word and invite some friends you'll surely have a great time.
As for the PvP matches, such as Capture the Flag where more players from both factions are recommended, every now and then we put an announcement on the site for anyone who wants to play in a specific day and time.

You are right, we should definitely advertise more our game, but every hour spent in marketing and PR is an hour stolen from the development, and we are only 3 guys working in our spare time with limited resources smile

Hope to see you in game!

PS: The game is being developed in C++ from scratch and uses OpenGL for graphics and OpenAL for audio ( it actually started many years ago as a programming exercise and slowly evolved into what you see now! )

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Re: No players

I m already asking my friends to play. I ve played with Zeu5 a co op match and i learned some tactics from him. Ps: Is there a chance that the game will be on steam? Cus a lot of players are using it and it would be a great advertisement. wink You should add buyable items for some income. (Real money)