Topic: release 0.95.0

+ the matches in Lobby are grouped in three categories (mutually-exclusive selection): Training, Cooperative and PvP
+ management of Lobby matches improved
+ a new tutorial map for the Gemini Lights is available: it’s called Pillar of Fathers
+ 4 new avatars
+ dynamic lighting of grass improved
! reorganization of the quick chat tree (V key). In order to use the new version you need to create a new profile or to perform a new installation
* the collision area of the Heavy Armor has been reduced by 4%
* the bounce of a player hitting a barrier has been slightly reduced
* the inertial force of players has been reduced, and this causes a faster stop (less skiing effect)
* in lobby, when a match is starting, the pre-loading time has been reduced from 30 to 20 seconds