There are five Modules you can equip on any armor: Energy Module, Repair Module, Shield Module, Cloak Module and Boost Module. Every Module grants you a passive effect, and you can turn it on in primary or secondary mode.

Repair Module

Repair Module iconThe Repair Module is a portable molecular generator which uses energy produced by your armor's generators to create a nano-robot beam to repair any damaged materials.

passiveslowly regenerates the owner's armor
primaryrepairs either the targeted unit or the owner
secondaryrepairs all allied units and structures in range

Energy Module

Energy Module iconThe Energy Module extends the capacity of the standard energy generator. It is always active and supplies extra energy.

passiveimproves energy and ammo regeneration, makes you immune to Cryonizer, and reveals cloaked units
primaryrecharges allies or disturb enemies from far away (draining energy and jamming their weapons)
secondarycasts an energy shock wave, that recharges allies and disables enemy's generators. In order to use the shock wave you need to charge it for some seconds, and afterwards the module will be disabled for some seconds.

Shield Module

Shield Module iconThe Shield Module, as the name suggests, it generates a green shield around the armor. In order to work the shield uses the armor's energy.

passiveabsorbs some damage
primarywraps the owner into a solid defensive barrier (none can pass through it). The damage are absorbed by your energy
secondaryprojects a defensive barrier for you and your allies, but in this case enemies can access it.
The bullets of the followings weapons: Ion Gun, Disc Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Grenade, and Flashbang bounce off on the shield, causing no harm.
By using the shield in secondary mode you can reflect a Solar Cannon ray to the sender!

Tip: you can use this module also to protect allied structures or soldiers from enemies assaults (especially from Solar Cannon). This action allows to gain XP.

Cloak Module

Cloak Module iconthis module synthesizes infinitesimal quantity of Deuxite, sufficient to produce a similar (but limited) reaction to the "Leap". You will be able to leave the physical plane (depending on your energy left), becoming almost invisible at the eyes of your enemies.

passivejams enemy radars
primarygrants a partial invisibility
secondaryleaves the physic plane for a brief time and cloaks allied units in range

Boost Module

Boost Module iconThis module strengthen the armor, making it more agile and quicker during movements.

passiveslightly enhances the owner's firing rate and mobility
primaryboosts the owner's maximum speed
secondaryboosts the owner's firing rate and shot a chain-lightning on a your allies in order to accelerate them

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