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First of all, follow the tutorial inside the game: you will be introduced into the basic concepts and the advanced ones. Watching other players could be useful to understand the potential of your equipment. a blaze screenshot

(1) weapons (with ammo) (2) items (with ammo) (3) XP gained during the match (4) level / rank (note that the highest level you can get in a match is equal to the global rank) (5) life (the green bar); level progress (the thin white bar), energy (the blue bar) (6) time left (7) difficulty and working pads in Aracnophobia / team points in PvP (8) skill tree (9) sight (the available ammo is in the right corner) (10) pad

enemy sight weapons flare kits armor time flags skills level XP health energy W S D A player watch difficulty pad


Enemies are marked with a red triangle red triangle. The triangles on the screen borders represent the enemies outside the visual field. The color becomes more intense as the enemies come closer.
The allies are marked with a green triangle green triangle.

Tip: in this picture you can see a Spider Queen: kill her to win inside the Aracnophobia maps.


Note the white circle around your feet.


The available ammo is in the right corner.

Each weapon has a different sight.


The green bar shows your health level: when it comes to 0, you are dead and you will rest in a limbo for a short time before coming again to life.

Note: when your life is close to 50%, the green bar turns to yellow; and when it is close to death it turns to red.


The blue bar shows your energy level. Energy recharges automatically and is needed to use some weapons and your module.

watch teammates

Watch the status of your teammates, you can choose who you want to monitor.

Tip: press [P] to select who you want to monitor.


The pad is the place where you can get ammo, weapons, healing and change your armor and module.

Tip: if all the pads are destroyed in Aracnophobia you will lose the match!

time left

Time left to the end of the match.

level / rank

Your current level level (referred to the current match, increased with XP) / your rank rank (increased with influence points influence).

Tip: note that the highest level you can get in a match is equal to your global rank!

skills tree

Your can choose a skill for every level you get during a match.

skills treeNote: the numbers of hexagons depends also on which unlocks you get. E.g. if you want to build things you also need to unlock the medium armor.


grenadehand grenade flash bangflash bang
minemine beaconbeacon
medikitmedikit powerkitpowerkit
team powers
probe laser


Keyboard bindings of blaze. Original image from Wikipedia.


[W]: move up, [A]: move left, [S]: move down, [D]: move right.
The movement is always absolute and is not affected by the player's direction.

[right mouse click]: activate module. You must equip a module on your shoulders.

Left [Ctrl]: crouch
It increases your protection, visual field and aim, but this reduces your movement speed.

[Ctrl]+[K]: suicide


[left mouse click]: fire.

[mouse weel down]: next weapon.

[mouse weel up]: previous weapon.

[1], [2], [3], [4], [5]: select weapon slot.

[Z]: select team powers.

[F]: select probe laser.
To spot a position on the map, give the aim for a teammate solar cannon and to direct / deviate a missile.

[Q]: select plasma sabre.


[space]: throw a grenade or a flash bang (keep the key pressed to throw farther).

left [ALT]: place a mine or a beacon (keep the key pressed to throw farther).

[E]: use a medikit (to heal yourself) or a powerkit (to energyze yourself).

[SHIFT]+[Q]: throw your current weapon to the ground.

[SHIFT]+[E]: throw your module to the ground.

[R]: throw the flag to the ground (in Capture the Flag). Throw power crystals to the ground (in Aracnophobia).


Numpad [enter]: loadout window (to configure your favorite ones).

Numpad [0]-[9]: select a predefined equipment, in order to have it you need to go onto a pad.


[C]: select building ray. You can also bind a shortcut for everything you can build. In order to use the building ray you need to have a medium or heavy armor.

[U]: if pressed over a spider or a defender built by yourself it allows you to name it.

[U]: if pressed over a structure built by yourself it allows you to lock or unlock it so that your teammates cannot dismantle it.


[T]: global chat, towards all players.

[Y]: team chat.

[U]: to chat only with a specific player under your mouse pointer, it works also if you have your mouse cursor over a watch teammate panel.

[V]: enable/disable quick chat menu.

numpad [+]: you communicate your current equipment (armor + module) in the team chat channel.

[G]: gesture animation.


[TAB]: show the scoreboard.

[mouse wheel click]: show the map.

[P]: watch your teammates.

[F1]: vote YES.

[F2]: vote NO.


[ESC]: show the game menu: you can start a vote, leave the match or edit settings.

[F12]: save a screenshot.


mouse move

mouse movement: to aim and move the visual field.

mouse left

[left mouse button]: fire.

mouse middle

[mouse wheel click]: show the map.

mouse wheel

[mouse wheel down]: next weapon.

[mouse wheel up]: previous weapon.

mouse right

[right mouse button]: enable the module (if equipped) in primary mode.

The primary mode is applyed only for myself or for a single target.

primary module use
mouse right

Left [Ctrl] + [right mouse button]: enable the module (if equipped) in secondary mode.

This can involve also teammates and allied things in a small area.

seondary module use


Your goals depend on the type of map where you are playing.

Tip: at the beginning try not to hurt or hamper your teammates (green triangle green triangle) but at the same time try to shoot the players who have a red triangle over their head red triangle, and to stay alive as long as possible. When you need to be cured or to find ammo go back to the recharging pads.


If you perform any actions that advantage your team (see list below), you will be rewarded with some eXperience Points. When you will earn enough points, you will be told by a message you have gained a superior level. At this point you can choose among the available power ups, that you can get by jumping onto any recharging pads.

Here belows an uncomplete list of actions that allow you to receive XP:

Note: if you perform actions that damage your team you will lose XP points!


At the end of every match you receive a small amounts of influence points influence and credits credit. Influence points are needed to increase your rank. With the collected credits you can get unlocks.

Remember that the highest level you can get in a match is equal to your global rank.


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