David Rigel

David Rigel: assault pioneer, demolition expert.

All of a sudden everything has happened and I still can't assess the extent of the disaster that hit us. The “Leap” experimental device has worked, indeed, taking the colonization fleet to the borders of the Blaze System, in the NQ4 quadrant of Little Cassiopeia. As we arrived in our destination, the mission tragically failed with the loss of the scientific ship Leo Minor, reduced to powder after the collision with one of the asteroids in stable orbit around the twin planets, Catamia and Kresan.

We don't only miss Nick Shepard and his crew, but rumors are circulating that the ship had our fuel for our return to the Earth. If this is true, we are damned to rot here and with no hope for the future.

The few official information we have are just two short pieces of the board logs transmitted by Eadon Ryalta and our commander Visha Star to all soldiers with the purpose to put the responsibility of what happened on each other. Moreover, the responsible for communication intercepted a message on the private channel Gemini about the misterious disappearance of a whole battalion, that was sent to explore the plains near to the place in Catamia where their ship had the crash landing.

Knowing that I'm stuck in here torments me, but knowing that i shall go on patrol as soon as this damn blizzard calms down, is even worse .

From the private David Rigel's log
2th September 0AJ

Nick Shepard's log

Nick Shepard

Nick Shepard: Leo Minor commander. Scientific officer and Deuxite expert.

"Because of the critical overcrowding of the solar system, and the drastic depletion of the terrestrial underground, the national committee of the United Nations unofficially authorized the exploration of extra-solar planets with the aim to find suitable conditions for the human being and potential alien forms of life.
The data sent by the exploration space probes are divergent; the only scientifically tested truth I can have at the eve of my mission is the presence of a system - named Blaze after the name of the main star – which includes two planets with similar features to the Earth's ones.
The incompleteness of our information is due to connection failures in our probes and satellites, which are likely to be caused by a large asteroid ring around the two planets that creates interference waves.
However, these data have a primary importance: indeed, they demonstrate there are suitable conditions for human life avoiding any breathing equipment or space suits.

As for Earth, information varies depending on latitude and longitude. Moreover, the two planets have a different internal nucleus stability. While Kresan seems to have a three times more frequent volcanic and telluric activity, and also vast zones covered by ice or magma, Catamia seemed to me more stable, and with better climatic conditions. But once again, I want to specify that these are only assumptions based on fragmented and uncertain information.
I was expected to find developed life forms on both planets. This expectation - or hope - has raised after studying phonograms sent by the satellite. On these images, I spotted some particular signs which looked like artificial buildings... but as the quality of the picture was really poor I don't want to make my imagination run wild. I still remember the mistake our forefathers made in the 20th century, when they saw some pictures on the Mars' surface! That's why only a physical exploration will clear up this vision.

My mission, which is beginning tomorrow and for sure it will bring a new hope to the mankind, will increase our scientific discoveries and our knowledge of the universe.
I must thank my familiarity with Deuxite for being part of it. Deuxite minerals are essential to perform the galactic "LEAP" that will allow us to reach that destination and try our first attempt of extra-solar colonization. Leo Minor, the transport spaceship and scientific lab of the mission, has been put under my command. Should any "hostile encounters" occur, I will rely on Eadon Ryalta and Visha Star. As they are the military commanders of this expedition, they will be surely able to face any situation with a collaborative spirit."

From Nick Shepard's log
Scientific commander of Leo Minor
August, the 30th 0AJ

Visha Star's log

Visha Star

Visha Star: Darkstar commander. Assault Troop Officer. Ex Delta, selected by the private project supporters.

"Blaze, the star which has attracted us from so far away with the hope of a better future for the human being, has revealed to be a real blunder: its rays don't look like the soothing and warm sun rays, they send out a spooky and bitter light since our arrival in this solar system.

We have left the Earth with three crews: two of them are support spaceships, the Gemini driven by Eadon Ryalta and the Darkstar, under my direct control. The third one, called Leo Minor, is a cargo ship and a scientific lab, driven by Nick Shepard, our scientific officer. The Leo Minor carries the Deuxite, i.e. our ‘fuel' for the return ‘Leap'.

Our journey, which has had troubles since the beginning, has led us near to the asteroid belt, becoming fatal for our most precious spaceship. After the Leap, the commander Nick Shepard has come into collision with a large asteroid: together with the commander of the Gemini, Eadon Ryalta, we have tried to make a quick decision. Ryalta has ordered Shepard to turn in order to avoid collision, but considering the cargo ship size and the near distance with the asteroid, the best solution could have been for me (and now I'm sure of that) to shoot in unison with both the support spaceships in order to grind to powder the rock mass. From the beginning on communication among ships has been difficult due to interferences, that could have been generated by asteroid gravitational fields, but I'm strongly convinced that we have lost the Leo Minor not for misunderstandings but for the cowardice of Eadon Ryalta, a real nematode. Actually, if we would have act following my orders, we wouldn't be stuck in such desperate conditions.

Ryalta, who hasn't supported my strategy, has left the Leo Minor to its fate and escaped like a coward far from the place where the explosion has occurred. We, the other two commanders, have made an emergency landing with our spaceships. The Darkstar has landed without particular damage in a barren land in the middle of ices of the Kresan planet, but as it has emerged from the last civil dialogue with Ryalta, the Gemini has come on the Catamia planet, in a glade with a pleasant climate, but also with severe injuries to the spaceship and to the ‘Leap' device. I have asked the Gemini commander to hand me over the Deuxite left in their stow to make a leap attempt back onto the Earth, where I would have organized a prompt rescue mission. The mind of Eadon Ryalta has already collapsed and, as consequence, any constructive reasoning was vain; he has told me I was insane and that he wouldn't have given me the stock but that I should have done the opposite, although his spaceship was a wreck, and with a crashed device for the return ‘Leap'.

In addition, we have found out we are not the only creatures on these twin planets. As a matter of fact, there is an autochthon species of arachnoid that wants to eat us.

With my brave crew living far away from the Earth and now on Kresan, a hostile planet for human beings, we have to fight against huge and horrible spiders and also the foolishness of a man".

From Visha Star's log,
Army commander of Darkstar Scythe,
27th August 0AJ

Eadon Ryalta's log

Eadon Ryalta

Eadon Ryalta: Gemini commander. Tactical Officer and mission leader. Ex SAS, selected by the United Nations.

"We have travelled up to the galaxy borders, manipulating the light plots of space and time to escape our destiny created by ourselves. Our mission was a hope, we were about to become a piece of history and to conquer a new Eden, but as we arrived an unexpected accident occurred: we lost sight of the Leo Minor spaceship while we were travelling through the asteroid belt.

Fortunately, the two other spaceships could save themselves thanks to an emergency landing on the twin planet system we planned to colonize.

I myself drove the Gemini ship along the downhill towards Catamia, while the Darkstar and its division had to land on Kresan.

Out of the spaceship we saw the hell. The lush planets we chose as our new house were inhabited by hostile life forms. Most creatures look like huge arachnids and other ones are so dangerous and horrible that I can't even talk about; and although we were well equipped and trained for fighting, we had other troubles beyond this Horde.

Visha Star, the commander of the Darkstar ship, wants to leave this system and to return to the Earth at any cost. Since we have lost the Leo Minor – and consequently the stock of Deuxite for the return 'Leap' – the only possibility is to collect the remains of this precious mineral that have not been used in the outward journey. In Visha's opinion, the total amount of Deuxite stocks allow the Darkstar and its equipment to carry out the return “Leap” on the Earth. Actually, I'm not convinced about this, stocks are not enough and there is a high risk. Moreover, I do not want to be killed by the Horde while Visha is having a go and waste our stocks. Well, I'm sure we'll find soon another solution.

When I refused to give Visha our Deuxite, she attacked us. The situation was getting out of our hand. While resources on Earth are depleting(with heavy consequences for the mankind), we are stuck here, thousand light-years far away, struggling for existence.

We are defending ourselves both against the Darkstar's attacks and the monsters of the Horde.

The future is really uncertain. May the Lights guide our fate."

From Eadon Ryalta's log,
Army commander of Gemini Lights,
31th August 0AJ.

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