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Blaze, a team-based multiplayer game that's gonna get you involved in epic battles packed with action and strategy.

You are going to be a hi-tech soldier, stuck on an unknown solar system, among two human battalions called Gemini Lights and Darkstar Scythe. You'll need to fight your way back home against the savage beasts that infest these planets. And the other human faction is on your way, too.

Blaze game style is revolutionary, mixing adrenalinic battles with RPG features. The strategic side is always on top thanks to the isometric 3D view of the battlefield. To achieve victory, everything matters: organization, cooperation, and fighting skills, of course. Whatever is your role on the battlefield, you will have the chance to gain experience points. XP points are the key to evolve your character's level and gain astonishing – and mysterious – abilities.

In Blaze you're going to be equipped with the widest variety of battle kits. You'll be able to customize your soldier according to various battleground conditions – and to your gaming style – with a nearly unlimited choice of weapons, armour and tools. If you think you're the strategist, pack-up your base with mines, turrets, adaptive-shields, sensors and much more…

A long time has passed since the beginning of the war between the Horde and the Human forces. While the battle has been raging for years, a winner has yet to be determined. Whichever side you choose, Gemini Lights or Darkstar Scythe, you'd better join fast.
One soldier can turn the tide of the whole conflict, act now before it's too late.

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